Dual Injustice: Feminicide and Torture in Ciudad Juarez

Uploaded on Dec 17, 2007

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Since 1993, over 470 women have been violently killed in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua in northern Mexico. Known as “feminicide,” this phenomenon has become one of the most embarrassing human rights scandals in recent Mexican history. Under fire for their inability to resolve these crimes, the police have attempted to appease the public outcry by torturing people to confess to the murders.

However, neither the families of the disappeared nor those of the accused believe the right people are behind bars.

“Dual Injustice” tells the story of Neyra Cervantes, who disappeared in May 2003, and her cousin, David Meza, who was tortured to confess to her murder.

As authorities were slow to investigate Neyra’s case, her family called upon David, who traveled 1,500 miles to help search for her. As they increasingly pressured authorities to properly investigate, they were told, “You want a culprit? You will have him very soon.” One week later, David was arrested.

“Dual Injustice” chronicles how the families of Neyra and David have joined efforts in a remarkable struggle to end the rampant impunity enjoyed by those authorities who have referred to the murders of women as “hype” and have fabricated culprits.