"The next morning I went to report to the police and they told me -- you are too old to be raped..."

victim from the Congo video “Our voices matter”, June 2012

"This is a must-use guide—even for anyone with years of experience interviewing SGBV survivors. Such in-depth new or refresher points can only help any work in this area, and reminding us that our interviewees deserve the time and space to tell their incredibly personal, difficult experiences will only strengthen the stories we are trying to tell."

Lauren Wolfe - Director of Women Under Siege project on WITNESS' Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence guide, 2012

"This is my first time I come to a training and feel that I am leaving with handsome knowledge, feel capable to do what I have I learnt."

Trainee from South Africa, July 2013

"I didn’t know how to film before, now I can say I am an expert. From the whole process, documentation is key to the future of our advocacy."

Trainee from Zimbabwe, July 2013

"As a part of that camp, we are suppose to do any community project once we are returned to our home countries. For this I chose, that I'll teach at least 20 students about "Video advocacy", general awareness about video advocacy and how to make videos, based on what I learnt from you during Youth TechCamp."

A participant in the PH International Youth TechCamp training, April 2013

Through this campaign WITNESS will provide support to activists and survivors of gender-based violence by empowering them use video to share their stories, make their voices heard and catalyze the change they seek in their lives.