Using Mobile Apps and Film to Prevent Gender-Based Violence


Nancy Schwartzman

November 2014 | Nancy Schwartzman is a filmmaker and mobile app developer focused on the intersection of youth culture, sexuality and technology. Nancy also participated in our six-part video series “Conducting Interviews With Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence” which compliments our written Guide on the same topic.

Nancy’s first film “The Line” examines the line of consent and advocates for healthy sexual boundaries through an exploration of her own experience of sexual assault. She is the CEO of Tech 4 Good, a human rights tech start-up, that created the Circle of 6 anti-violence mobile app.

In an interview with our Communications Manager, Matisse Bustos Hawkes, Nancy Schwartzman describes the Circle of 6 app.

“The user creates a circle of six trusted friends and send them alerts if, for instance, you’re on a first date that starts to get uncomfortable. You find a way to excuse yourself and send a notice that asks one of in your circle to come meet you. There are also links to resources about healthy relationships and also a ‘panic button’ mode that can call two pre-programmed national hotlines or emergency numbers of your choice.”

Schwartzman also gave some advice on how we can actively document and prevent sexual assault on college campuses and in our communities. You can read Nancy Schwartzman’s full interview here.